Rechartering Documentation

Scout Troops are required to rechartering with the Council of Liberty annually and the following outlines what is needed to complete the required documentation.


What does this mean to our Families?

All youth and at least one Parent/Guardian must be registered with the Troop.  Registration means the following must be completed and submitted to the Troop Registrar:


  • BSA Youth Application


  • BSA Adult Application
  • BSA Youth Protection Training
  • Pennsylvania Clearances
    • Criminal Background Check
    • Child Abuse Background Check
    • FBI Background Check for Parents/Guardians residing in PA for less than 10 years
      (Waiver for those residing in PA for more than 10 years)

Why is this needed?

Background checks are required per recent Pennsylvania Legislation for adults over 18 working with children and youth.  If you have completed these background checks fo other organizations (such as School or Church), copies of the documentation for these checks will suffice for Scouts.
As Parents/Guardians of Scouts in the Troop, we are required to work shifts during the tree sale.  Our annual tree sale is the only fund raiser we do and the money we make helps pay for troop gear and subsidize the scouting program throughout the year, including summer camp.  It is the Troop’s policy that all adults working the tree sale must be registered with the troop.  This means at least one parent/guardian from each scout family must be registered.

How to complete the Clearances

The following is the information you will need to be registered.  There are 3 components:
  1. Pennsylvania Clearances
  2. BSA Youth Protection Training
  3. BSA Adult Application
1) Provide the following PA clearances:

How to Submit Clearances to the Cradle of Liberty Council:
Once you have your clearances, you will need to upload copies of the required documents to the Background Check System. In order to ensure that your files are properly received and recorded, please secure all your documentation before visiting this link and upload all of your files at the same time. Clearances obtained for other volunteer or employment organizations may be submitted if they are current and meet the guidelines.  Upload your clearances here:

2) Complete Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Youth Protection Training (YPT):
This on-line training will take approximately 1.5-2 hours.  You will need to create an account before taking the training.  At the end of the training, you will have an option to print out your training certificate or save it as a PDF.  We will need a copy of the certification attached to your Adult Application (see below).  Once your application is approved, you will be given a BSA # at which point you can go back into your BSA account and link your BSA # to the account.  This way, your YPT will be connected to your BSA #
3) Complete BSA Application:
Following is a link to an online youth application IF you prefer to fill out the application on the computer:
Following is a link to an online adult application IF you prefer to fill out the application on the computer:
These are fillable PDFs so you can fill the forms out online and print or print them out blank and fill them in.  You will need to sign the forms and return them to the Troop Registrar.
Note: Some of the clearances can take up to 4 weeks before a response is given.  Please initiate the process as soon as possible to avoid delay.




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