Role of the Troop Registrar

The role of the Troop Registrar is to maintain Troop records for Scouts, Parents and Guardians, in addition to uniformed and non-uniformed Leadership.

In this role, the Registrar has Primary Responsibility to:

  • Maintain TroopMaster Records
  • Maintain Constant Contact data
  • Liaise with Families to ensure required clearances are complete (required for registation)
    • Child Abuse History Clearance
    • Report of Criminal History Clearance
    • (FBI Background Check if in PA for less than 10 years)
  • Forward Youth and Adult BSA Applications to Council
  • Maintain Unit Copies of Youth and Adult BSA Applications
  • Administer Troop Facebook Page Access

New Scouts:

  • Family will complete Youth and Adult BSA Applications, and Scout Personal Information Form
  • Documents are to be forwarded immediately to the Registrar
  • Registrar will add the new Youth and Parents/Guardians to
    • TroopMaster
    • Constant Contact
    • Troop Facebook Page

Current Scouts and Parents/Guardians:

  • Make ad hoc updates to TroopMaster and/or Constant Contact as required
  • Complete annual revalidation of profiles in TroopMaster to confirm profiles are current with particular focus on:
    • Patrols
    • Positions of Responsibility
    • Continued membership in the Troop
    • Archive Youth that age out of the program
    • Archive Adults that are no longer involved with the troop




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