New Family Onboarding

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Welcome to Rose Valley Troop 272

The members of our Troop are eagerly looking forward to your arrival. Within the Troop all of the new Scouts will be together in a patrol (like a den) and will enjoy the Scouting experience together. To aid your transition into Boy Scouts the Troop has assigned a senior Scout, known as a Troop Guide, to work with your patrol. Your Troop Guide’s job is to help you create and build an effective patrol, advance through the first three ranks of Scouting and teach you the basic skills that every Scout should know.
To help familiarize Scout and Parent with the troop, we have a Scoutmaster Visit and a Parents Meeting.

Scoutmaster Visit

The success of the troop is driven in large part by the engagement of our parents.  As you join the troop, our Scoutmaster will meet together with Scout and Parents/Guardians to go familiarize you with our troop culture and expectations for Scout and Parents/Guardians. We all have a role to play in the success of the program for your son. He will review
  • Meetings
  • Trips
  • Summer Camp
  • Tree Sale
  • Troop Calendar
  • Troop Guide
  • Advancement
  • Courts of Honor
  • Aims of Scouting
  • Scoutmaster Conferences

In addition to explaining the troop culture, the Scoutmaster will also cover the administrative requirements that include:

Our Troop Registrar, Tannei Casey, is also available to assist with questions regarding documentation at (484) 481-8423, or  TanneiCasey at


Parents Meeting

The Troop holds a parents meeting shortly after our new Scouts’ first meeting at the Old Mill. At this meeting we will give a brief introduction of the Troop, answer any questions or concerns and make available the Troop’s uniform exchange.

First Troop Meeting

Your first Boy Scout meeting will be in mid-February at the Old Mill and our Scoutmaster will advise the exact date. at the Old Mill. You will be officially inducted into our Troop, in a special ceremony at our Court of Honor (recognition meeting). Courts of Honor are the occasion for us to celebrate our Scouts successes and are attended by all Scouts, along with family and friends.
The binder you receive during your Scoutmaster Meeting is full of important information that will help you be successful in Boy Scouts. We recommend keeping this binder in a family friendly area and utilize it to keep Scouting documents in a central location and handy for everyone. Please add and update documents as needed throughout your Scouting career.
Yours in Scouting,
Robert Seifrit, Senior Patrol Leader
John Traverso, Scoutmaster

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